Franca Akenami

Franca is the creator and owner of Beyond Archetype, a website intented to defy the odds, inspire the public, and promote endless dreaming. Franca received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Montclair State Univerrsity in 2019. She is currently in the process of obtaing a Master of Arts in the same field. When Franca isn't writing, she's actively convincing her friends and family that they have more than one zodiac sign, and seeking out her next tarot card reading. Follow her on Instagram @francaakenami.
breakfast in a mug

4 Easy ‘Breakfast in a Mug’ Meals for the Overwhelmed Student


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. No seriously, look at the statistic on this site. Still don’t believe me? Well, that’s alright. Whether or not you think […]